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Thank you for making our remodeling project at success. We greatly appreciate your time and talent. Our kitchen remodeling project was such a success because of Cherry Creek’s quality of merchandise and service.
— Barry & Jill – Madelia



Tastes shift, spaces need repair, and priorities change. We get it, that’s why remodeling is such a popular option for so many people.

At Cherry Creek, we’re by your side to help you envision your space not as it is, but how it could be. We believe every house, room or living area has the potential to be your favorite room of the house, with a little TLC of course.

Our deep wealth of knowledge, and our even broader list of product offerings, ensures that you will end up with a remodeling project that not only changes the look and feel of your space but changes your mind on what is possible.

From bedrooms to basements, Cherry Creek will ensure a design that fits your style, needs and budget, while ensuring quality remodeling and minimal disruption to your life.

For 12 years Cherry Creek has vetted subcontractors for every phase of your project. Rest assured knowing that the people we have selected to work on your project are the best in the area and will provide you not only with uncompromised service, but long term stability to insure they will be around to provide service for many years to come. Some of these outstanding companies are: